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How much do classes cost?
All of our classes are £6 per session.

Is there a joining fee for the school?

No. We do not charge for enrolling your child in our school and you only pay for classes.

What precautions are you taking for COVID-19?

Our studio is sprayed and sanitized daily. We have sanitizer stations throughout the studio available for all students to use. In the summer nights, all doors and windows are left open.

Does my child need to wear a uniform?
Uniform is required for all classes. New students are welcome to wear comfortable clothing for the first couple of weeks. We ask that all uniforms are purchased by the 4th week of classes. More information can be found on our uniform page.

Are teachers qualified?
All of our teachers are qualified and have many years of experience in performing arts to ensure your child receives the best possible training. They also hold full disclosures, first aid training, and insurance.

At what age can my child start classes?
Children can start attending our school from age 2 (Providing they are potty trained and are comfortable in a class environment)

Is the School on Facebook?

Yes! You can find us here.

Can I just turn up to any class with my child?
Please contact us before attending any classes as some may be at full capacity.

Do you hold exams?

No. We feel exams are an unnecessary pressure for children. Instead, we regularly award children for their own personal achievements and encourage them to be the best they can be. 

Do classes run throughout the school holidays?
During the school holidays, we run camps and workshops instead of evening classes.

Can I sit in during class to watch my child?
Due to child protection rules, all classes are drop-off only and parents are not allowed to observe class. We do however hold regular performances/showcases for you to come and watch your child perform.

I still have a few questions, Is it OK to call?

Of course! feel free to email/text or call us at any time. For the quickest response, it is best to send us a message through our "contact us" page and we will get back to you ASAP.